Jeff Murray

       Jeffery L. Murray 


Vice Local Chairman and Legislative Rep.: 05'-06'
Local Chairman: 07'-09'
President and Legislative Rep.: 10'-present
Hired Out: 98'

1992 Graduate of Mount Gilead H.S.
1997 Graduate of North Central State College - Associates of Criminal Justice
2004 Graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University - B.S. Business Administration
2006-Completed BLET Local Chairman Workshop at University of Illinois
2009-Completed BLET Legislative Workshop in Washington, D.C.
I got involved in 05' because I saw Brother JD Scott sacrificing so much to serve others who were afraid to have a voice because of the environement of fear and intimidation that exists today.  I saw his passion and believed he was creating something special and wanted to be a part of it.  I wanted to be a voice for those that were afraid to be heard.  The hypocracy that exists within our industry is a key factor in my still being involved today.  I love the hard working men and women in Columbus, both BLET and UTU, and would put them up against any other terminal in the country.  It pains me that they have to fear from their jobs because of the discipline based model that exists today.  This model only highlights the desparity we feel as T&E Employees because we are forced to be so much better at our jobs than managers are required to be.  This is due in part, because more and more managers in our industry have no knowledge or experience in doing what we do. Most have never done, will never do, and could not do for that matter, what we do daily. We are expected to be perfect everyday, yet average is acceptable for them.  I find it insulting and it makes a mockery of the sacrifices, we and our families, are forced to make on a daily basis. I am proud of my job, despite having no incentive to feel so, and believe I have a job worth fighting for.  We should not have to fear for our jobs, nor should we have to beg for what we are entitled to under our collective bargaining agreements.  We are worked to exhaustion and are only forced to give more with no gratitude from our employer.  I truly believe if our company ever had the foresight to take into account it's stakeholders, and not only their shareholders, the possibilities are endless. I will continue to try and build relationships with the few managers that seem to "get it" and appreciate the job we do, so we can continue to make Columbus the premier terminal on the system. We shouldn't ask for more that what we are entitled to, but should not have to beg for what was agreed to.  Management should show leadership and be a positive example to us...clearly, this is not the case. Until we are viewed and treated as the most essential component in the success of this company, then I will continue to fight for our rights.  We are not 3rd class citizens and should not allow ourselves to be treated as such.
Caveat Oppugnator!

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