Mobile Mainframe Access

Accessing the Mainframe from a Mobile Phone


  • Download/Install Citrix Receiver(Free) works of iPhones--Or Citrix Labs Receiver(Free) works on Droid phones - From your app store
  • Setup
  • Step 1- Address:
  • Step 1- Enter your RACF ID for the username
  • Step 2- Enter your mainframe password
  • Step 3- Domain: CSX
  • Step 4- Access Gateway-(Set to off on iPhone-May be diffrent for diffrent devices
  • After you are connected

  • Open Mainframe Sessions
  • Start any of the Main Frame Sessions 1-4
  • *****Keyboards****
  • Option 1---On the top of the screen select Options, then keyboard
  • Option 2---Once you can see the mainframe you can use a popup keyboard when you touch the screen-See the pics below




    ******************************************************************************The key on the bottom right is the enter key.

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