Safety Sense

                        BLE&T SAFETY SENSE                   
       DIV. #34
                                          APRIL 2011                                

“0” Injuries starts today and everyday

Safety = Rules Compliance.

April Rule Review:

v Rule 913c – Permission to Enter an Activated Remote Control Zone

General information:


v  In March we replenished the road brake sticks, added new ones and removed some. We worked from Fostoria thru Marion and will be working on south to Columbus soon. We also have been removing the brake sticks at industries that the H792 works because they should be carrying their own brake stick. If you get called to work the H792 or H992 and you don’t have a brake stick in the brake stick holder, take one with you, but PLEASE make sure you bring it back.

v With so many new hires on the property and a record number on the way, Please be patient and lend them your knowledge and experience, we were all new at one time.

v  March 1st is when the new Yellow Switch tag went into effect. Everyone should have been briefed on this during their “Face To Face”. If you have not been briefed on this subject contact a Trainmaster to be briefed.  When throwing a switch be on the lookout for these tags.

v I’m sure you have noticed all of the rail laying in the yard, there is a major rail work to be started in May.  From HV to the Parsons yard and toward the Athens sub.  Walking conditions will be bad and will even get worse when the work begins so be vigilant and look where you place your feet.

v From Road Forman Chuck Logan- Fuel Conservation with the warmer temperatures make sure you are shutting down your locomotives when not in use.  Also Chuck wanted us to pass along that engineers must fill out a separation report every time your train goes into emergency as well as make the necessary communications to the Dispatcher.  This is to be done regardless of whether an actual separation has occurred. (ERAD will tattle on you)

v The FRA is doing a big push for accurate Hazmat paperwork for all trains.  Make sure you check all lists, verify cut numbers, and pickle list correctly.  Contact the yardmaster for any discrepancies.  On the line of road make sure you update your CT168 whenever picking up or setting off.

New Safety Issues:

v Working on a weed prevention plan

v Lowering the EAS signal at East LM Cabin

v Light is out at dolomite and still no word on extending the light over the tracks

v Commodity Logistics has 2x4’s between the tracks and the building. (customer has been contacted about cleanup)

v A derail banner missing at the East end of Farmers.

v A close clearance sign missing at Morral West.

v Black top towards Bids and Corr road is broken up. (customer contacted about patching)

 Safety issues that have been corrected:

v Switches and derails at the west end of Waltons have been fixed

v Replaced the missing banner at the east end of the C&O yard Fostoria

v Yellow Tie reflectors have been installed at Harpster.

v Close clearance sign repaired at Terminal Warehouse.

v Trash has been picked up in Marion at Campbell Rd. and at the connection track.  Please take the extra few seconds and pick up your trash.  We have been told that someone will be charged for this if it happens in the future. (Don’t let it be you!)



Issues on going:

PTI parking pad and walkway at Hillmanford RD. CD 48

The light at Dolomite.

Drainage at the East End of Parsons


           Parsons Yard Days without FRA Injury:

        2010/2011-  318 day’s injury free

                   June 9th Will be 1 year Injury free. Absolutely a great job.



Thank You!

BLE&T Div. #34         

 Your Safety team

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