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About Operation RedBlock At Work

Operation RedBlock is an innovative idea that combines the traditional values of union fraternalism with progressive management enabling People To Help People. Operation RedBlock is a labor-developed, company-adopted drug and alcohol prevention and intervention program. ORB's programs and services emphasize awareness, education, and prevention of drug use through union-led prevention committees. Our programs aim to change attitudes, reduce the tolerance of nonusers to job-related drug an alcohol use, and encourage users to seek assistance.


The Following procedures are approved by your union and supported by Amtrak:

  1. If an employee is impaired because of the use of drugs or alcohol and cannot report for duty, he/she should call 1-800-44R-BLOC and mark himself/herself off as "Operation RedBlock."
  2. Once on the job, if an employee is observed as being unfit for duty, co-workers should tell the employee that he/she should not work and should mark-off as "Operation RedBlock."
  3. If the impaired worker places the call or requests a co-worker to mark him/her off, the reason should be given as an "Operation RedBlock" procedure. No further action will be taken by Amtrak.
  4. Should the impaired employee be uncooperative, the co-workers may use the Rule G Bypass Agreement and request help from the appropriate management employee. Management will then assist in removing the impaired employee and in getting him/her home. No Rule G charges will be made if the impaired co-worker contacts the Employee Assistance Program Counselor within five days. Rule G Bypass is afforded the employee every ten years.

This Procedure was created for the common welfare of or employees and to provide a safe workplace. Abuse of these procedures cannot be tolerated.


  • Recognize the problem. Don't ignore the problem- it will only get worse.
  • Recruit other responsible employee to confront the situation.
  • Conduct the intervention in appropriate surroundings.
  • Describe the problem as you all see it to the impaired co-worker.
  • Don't pass judgment.
  • Make your position clear to the impaired coworker. Stated simply: "We cannot continue to work under these conditions."
  • Let the impaired co-worker determine a solution. The impaired co-worker must mark-off or force himself/herself into a Rule G Bypass.
  • If the co-worker becomes hostile and unmanageable, don't back down. Stick together as a group and control the situation.
  • Tell the co-worker what you as a group must do.
  • If the group has done everything possible to intervene, and the impaired co-worker still refuses to Mark-off, the Rule G Bypass must be put into effect.
  • Once the situation has been resolved, we must make sure that the impaired co-worker arrives home safely.


Mark-off Procedures & Guidelines

Operation RedBlock Mark-off Procedures

The following procedures are approved by your organization and will be supported by the carrier.

If you are called to work and have been using alcohol or drugs, tell the carrier that you need to mark-off 'Operation RedBlock.' DO NOT USE ANY OTHER REASON TO MARK-OFF.

The failure to properly identify the reason as Operation RedBlock could result in disciplinary action.

If you are on duty or going on duty and discover that your co-worker has been using alcohol or drugs (whether impaired or not) immediately stop what you are doing and tell your co-worker that you cannot work with him/her. Advise your co-worker that you must mark him/her off Operation RedBlock. A call must be made to a division supervisor. When you tell the supervisor that you have a RedBlock situation, he/she will assist when necessary in getting your co-worker off duty and safely off the property. No discipline will be administered and no records will be kept. Once the incident is over and the employee is off duty, notify a RedBlock team member of the incident so that help can be offered confidentially to the employee.

Should the impaired co-worker be uncooperative, use the Co-worker Bypass Agreement and request the help of a supervisor. In these cases, the supervisor will assist in removing the employee and getting him/her home. No Rule G charges will be made if the EAP Counselor is contacted within 5 days.


Operation RedBlock Mark-off Guidelines

For an On Call, On Duty, or Away from Home Terminal, an employee will be allowed to mark off Operation RedBlock 3 times in a 12-month period. Each individual mark-off will count for a period of 12 months by itself.

First time - Team Captain contacts employee, discusses with him/her facts of mark-off and offers whatever assistance is necessary. Reminds employee of his/her working responsibility.

Second time - Team Captain contacts employee, discusses facts of the mark-off, educates employee on guidelines for Operation RedBlock program, and their work responsibility. If mark-off happens again, employee could be referred to the EAP Counselor in accordance with the Co-Worker Bypass Agreement. The employees' Local Chairman will be consulted.

Third time - Team Captain contacts employee and discusses the mark-off. Team Captain will counsel with the employees' Local Chairman, ORB System Coordinator and General Chairman. If all agree, employee will be instructed to contact company EAP Counselor within 5 days as per the Co-Worker Bypass Agreement. The ORB Coordinator will then contact local management as per Co-Worker Bypass Agreement.







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